Delegate feedback

Over 95% of previous seminar attendees have stated that they found the seminar very useful and that they would recommend it to friends and other family members.

Below is a small cross-section of feedback received from previous attendees.

Inheritance Preservation Seminar

“Very informative and given us much food for thought.” – A. Morgan-Davis

“Clear, concise information delivered in a professional manner.” – E. Curry

“Lots of useful, comprehensive information given and very thought provoking.” – B. Stoker

“Well presented, informative and entertaining.” – B. Longthorn

“Very good presentation, the presenters came across as very knowledgeable and experienced but also honest and trustworthy'” – P. Fisher

“Very informative and excellent delivery.” – H. Scott

“Found this very useful and thought provoking.” – D. Wheeldon

“Many thanks – very helpful food for thought.” – M. McFaul

“An excellent presentation.” – S. Megson

“Concise presentation. Informative and to the point.” – S. Welch

“Very good information on everything.” – H. Tallentire

“Very interesting and well-explained.” – S. Rayner

“A very informative seminar – thank you.” – J. Hitchcock

“Excellent seminar. Thanks to the speakers and organisers.” – C. Rajaraman

“Very interesting and helpful.” – T. Jordan

“An excellent and very informative presentation.” – A. Sexton

“Thank you for all the information. Excellent coverage.” – J. Lumsden